Some employees of the chain selling clothes, placed in liquidation, wanted to take the mark and 110 shops. They did not get a loan from the state.

End of hope and the end of history. The hundred or employee (s) of the brand of clothing sales cheap Mim, who wanted to take their company workers’ cooperative society (SCOP) had to resolve to throw in the towel Thursday night, having failed to obtain effective financial support from the government. The deadline for this project was set at Scop Friday by the Commercial Court of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis). Without recovery solution, the company placed in liquidation April 26, 2017, will now be sold to the cutting and its 750 dealers, vendors, and other licensed personnel.

The last act was played yesterday between 17 h 30 and 18 h 30 to Bercy, at a meeting held at the request of the office of the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire. On the agenda, the request for funding from the state of this project taken up by some of the employees which were the only hope for continuation Mim. A month earlier, Christophe Sirugue, Secretary of State for Industry of the previous government had signed a letter in which he mentioned the possibility of a loan to the state of about 10 million.

With this proposal, some employees gathered around the human resources director, Mathieu Mesmay had then developed their Scop creation project to take 110 of the 145 shops and 500 750 employees. They had collected about one million euros in the form of using the Cooperative Association and direct contributions to a hundred employees Mim. Their provisional budget provided 61 million euros in sales the first year and 75 million in the second. The upturn in activity, however, was conditional on the crucial help of the state. The loan of 10 million was to be granted on account of the Economic and Social Development Fund (FDES) would have to reconstruct the cash needed for clothing stock and the payment of the first month’s salary.

Dropped by Bruno Le Maire

But the Economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire, nothing wanted to know what had promised Christophe Sirugue. “The EU rules prevent us from granting a loan above 50% of the amount needed for the project,” said substantially officials Bercy ex-employees Mim without bothering to propose other funding options. “We hit a wall,” recalls one of the four initiators of the Scop, Mathieu Mesmay, which tried unsuccessfully to convince his interlocutors, by calculating the impact on public finances of a resumption of activity Mim. “Based on our forecasts, we could generate 12 million VAT for public finances, the first year of operation, more than the loan the state, in any case, to be repaid.”

According to one of the experts who looked at the file, it seems that the arrival a little late to the proposal Scop and the change of government has played against the solution provided by the former employees. But in reality, many stakeholders in the discomfiture of Mim has noted the difference Whirlpool or Alstom, Mim is not a very well known brand, much less a strong industrial symbol. In addition, employees are scattered in 145 stores across the Hexagon, which avoided the outset the government the risk of a hard conflict and publicized like an industrial site such as that of GM & S in the Creuse, for example.

Better to go to 20 hours

The liquidation of Mim does not threaten either an entire sector, like the fraudulent bankruptcy in December, Financière Turenne, owner of food brands William Saurin, Garbit and Paul Prédault. In this case, where the western pig farmers in France were likely to recover quickly in difficulties, fireman State has released in a few days, a loan of 17 million euros. The 750 employee (s) Mim, who will be dismissed (s) in the general indifference, have learned that to be helped by the government, it is better to work for a company whose closure is likely to open of 20 days …


Real Time Forex Quotes: Always Keep Current With Your Online Currency Trading

Forex is exciting surroundings, though many are reluctant to provide it a try. Perhaps it appears a bit confusing for some. Commit your money wisely by showing caution. Learn all you can before you decide to invest your first dollar. Maintain information that is current. These guidelines will help you become successful in Fx trading.

Just, foreign exchange or FX means how to start a currency exchange business. It is the largest financial investing system in the world. The investing volume is about USD $3 trillion per day. It dwarfs the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) which is trading at about UNITED STATES DOLLAR $65 billion.

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The value of a pip changes based on the size of your, because the size of your accounts affects how much currency you are able to leverage. A standard full dimension trading account is one hundred, 000 units of the foundation currency. If you are trading within USD, a standard account includes a value of $100, 000 UNITED STATES DOLLAR.

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You should plan ahead based on how long you intend to involve your self in foreign exchange. If you plan on participating in Foreign Exchange for years in the future, you should write down all of the methods that you continue to hear on the constant basis. Once you have discovered some standard practices you wish to focus on, spend 21 times trying to solidify this behavior in yourself. This way you feel a rock solid investor plus trader with impeccable practices and discipline that will repay over the years.

In summary, trading programs actually work and they can enable you to get loads of money. Anyone could be a big shot in foreign exchange market as long as this individual knows the right Forex robot to obtain and how he can use it in order to his benefit.

Forex Trading Online

Forex Trading Online Instructions Benefits Of Foreign Currency Exchange Marketplaces

There are a lot of factors you should think about when buying a forex robot because the software will handle your hard earned money and future investments. You understand you don’t want something that won’t qualify for the position. We analyzed and researched on the aspects involved in finding a real best forex robot and here is a list of all of them.

The goal of every Trader is to make money. Once you know a little about how the how to start a currency exchange business marketplace works, you can use an automatic assistant such as Forex Megadroid or FAP Turbo to assist you to keep your manual trading to some minimum. The Megadroid, as well as the FAP, are designed to serve individual traders by making successful trading around the clock. And here is precisely in which a lot of misunderstanding takes place regarding this automated servant automated programs.

Unfortunately, over the past few years, the particular fraud rate in Fx has bloomed. The Oughout. S Commodity Futures Investing Commission (CFTC) is a corporation works against the fraudulent businesses of this sort; dealing with the particular illegal sales of Foreign exchange currencies and services. Due to the increasing fraud within Forex software, you since consumers and scalpers need to be very cautious as you make investments money.

Remember although that while this is a very useful device to help you in trading, it really is still just a tool. This really is something any FOREX Autopilot software review would not fail to mention. To catch the proper opportunities and do the proper trading, you will still need to study well on the currency sets you are matching against, to know how the financial system functions. This way, you have the potential to turn into a highly skilled and fruitful how to become a foreign currency dealer.

Can Megadroid and FAP work continuously and enable you to get profits? Yes, they can. They have got for many, many traders. Are you able to set them up plus let them run? Yes, you are able to. You can use their recommended configurations and let them trade for you personally. Can they win enormous revenue for you? That depends on several variables. If you start with a little initial investment, your ensuing profits may be smaller. In case you tinker with their systems and you also don’t tinker well, you might lose a lot of money. Many did that, too.

The term, “knowledge is power” is not truer within Forex. Knowledge is the key associated with handling your risks nicely. Before you get into the Forex Market, a good thing you can do is educate yourself. Learn how to answer questions like, “what drives currency price motion? How do I read and realize individual analysis data? Do you know the different chart indicators? I think the best thing to do would be to learn details about how foreign currency prices move and how to industry money exchange business requirements in order to avoid unnecessary dangers.

When you are searching for a Forex broker, it is essential for you to spend some time when you are making your decision. There is a number associated with ways that you can go about getting a legitimate broker. It is important so that you can find not only a broker which is honest but also one that includes a number of years of experience. You will need to avoid losing money by selecting a competent broker.

Look for these types of aspects in a FOREX autopilot software review to give you information on what the product offers so that you have better insights on which particular system to consider.


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